Thursday, September 27, 2007

Song #5

For this song I employed the help of some live drums, the sequenced ones just weren't cutting it. I hauled all my gear to a bigger sort of closet, and we did two takes and called it good. I'd never recorded live drums before, and I didn't like doing it.

I swear, this song perfectly describes the girl. Lucky for me, she's onto some other poor soul. Aaahh...hindsight.
This won't be the last song on this subject, trust me.

Always best when heard thru headphones.

song #5 is called Original Girl

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UPDATE! There is a new feature you might have noticed. From the little store below you can now purchase any of the songs I have posted so far for a mere $0.99 OMG! So cheap!? Yep. It also goes to me (ME!) and not some giant evil corporation. So don't be afraid of it!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not afraid to say I voted, "It's Ok." I didn't think it was bad, but I'm comparing to the other stuff I heard, which I liked much better. I liked the chorus with the falsetto (girl!), but something just didn't do it for me this time to make me just love it.

You're still awesome! Just a little honest feedback from a fan.

Andrea said...

Hello there, thanks for popping by my blog, and leaving a comment!

Do you have any cds I can buy? I like what I hear in the little clips and would like to hear more. I am not a computer music person though. I'm still a cd lover. Any chance? Of course I will pay you for it, and the shipping. Just let me know.


Choc Mint Girl said...

I think the chorus sounded a bit like a song that I've known...but I just couldn't recall the title. Overall, it's ok.

Ayo said...

going extreme, j. elliot, means you give every task more than you actually have to offer physicaly, mentally, and emotionally. it is almost like trying to force yourself into some kind of paradox. it seems wrong to do such a thing to your own body, mind, and soul, does it not?

horribly taxing, my dear fellow.

but then, one must consider the idea that by doing so, you have accomplished more than you ever thought you could because you have literally achieved more than your body and mind would allow you to.

it is a hard concept. one i like to think i came up with on my own, just for that post. and although that assumption is probably disgustingly inaccurate, i am always happy to share my haphazard reasoning and logic with those who choose to inquire.

going extreme isn't for everyone, naturally. but damn it feels good when it works out.

Mad Munkey said...

First time here. Just a bit of constructive crit on Original Girl. The vocal is mixed a wee too loud in comparison to the band. I like it though.

Christine1012 said...

I still like how this sounds different from the other songs but I agree with choc mint girl in that it sounds almost familiar.

All in all, still great work and variety.

Eve said...

It's okay. . . a little over done.

schadenfreude said...

lovely concept you have going on here, hope you are enjoying portland!

Unknown said...

I have to flow in the same direction as "think frustrated" on this one, babe.

Last week's "Laili" was absolutely inspired, though, and a very tough act to follow.

B said...

It is interesting to read all the other comments, as we each have established our own favorite song of yours, already. Of course, each song gets compared to that one favorite song. For me, my favorite is still the very first song.

With this latest song, I just wasn't feeling "it." I didn't get a sense of what made her "original" and although I've listened to it repeatedly, a lasting impression cannot be made for me. Reading your description beforehand got me excited for it, as it seems as though she really impacted your life and likely the way you now perceive love/relationships. I just didn't feel that in the song though.

However, your talent is still undeniable and I look forward to each week's song! This is an incredible endeavor and you're doing great!

B said...

P.S. The rain is here and it is wonderful!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ouch, someone "hated it?" Like I said, it wasn't a bad song. Just not "single material." It's that song in the middle of the album that gets you ready for the other stuff. But "hated it?" A little strong sentiment, in my opinion.