Thursday, November 1, 2007

Song #10

Serious bouts of melancholy this week gave rise to this song about giving up. This song was one of those mysterious events that just kind of come thru you, because before I knew it--it was finished. Nice when that happens, isn't it? I started out intending to make it a slow morose hide-in-your-bedroom type Brian Wilson thing, but it just didn't want to go that way, and I'm happy with it.

A bit of cool news, too--the .blogspot. was dropped from the address--so now it's just Much better! And AND! I got a great write up by the folks at Puddlegum so go and check it out, and add them to your blogroll and to your list of people to tell other people about!

song #10 is called: Give Up

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Stephen said...

Your vocals layers are great. It would be good to hear a song that showcases them more. Not a complaint-- just a request :)

Unknown said...

Damn "week of melancholy"! Away! Away, I say!

Now, let me be the first to do the utterly and completely OBVIOUS and cliched thing by telling you, "Don't give up."

Okay, now that that's over with, let me just reiterate, as I often do, how much I love and appreciate your lyrical talent. You really are a poet J.E. I am sure that even your friend who writes the lovely haiku would agree... :-)

Eve said...

Nice intro and melodies, they made me stop, put down my work, and listen . . . its nice to hear to something that will put the rest of your life on hold and this song did that for me.

Anonymous said...

My favorite so far. Kind of an upbeat sad song.

Christine1012 said...

I like this one too. Keep up the great work.

And happy belated halloween!

butterfly said...

beautifully written.

Rage And Love said...


i just finally got around to look at my blog and i notced your comment :-)

much appreciated for the fabby comment...made me happy

you may get them at the house of me

wow. i must say you are never know you could start having your own place in my zune!!!

Rage And Love said...

one more thing...i might be moving to portland, oregon from the nicey nice LA valley.

Anonymous said...

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