Friday, November 16, 2007

Song #12

Whew! This is the end of month three, and altho I haven't had a million page views like I had hoped, I still have met some great people and heard some very encouraging words. I must admit, when I have days of 2 page views I feel like giving up, but alas...
This weeks song came together after several strong images stuck in my mind:
1) The imprint of lipstick on the rim of a wine glass
2) Black spike heels, and the girl who wore them, and
3) the various hearts those heels impaled

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Song #12 is called: Outlines
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Eve said...

Ah, I loved it. It was so emotionally poignant that it made me just want to lie down and listen to good music all day long.

Christine1012 said...

Another good one! :o)

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving, darlin'!