Friday, November 23, 2007

Song #13

Uh oh. 13 is supposed to be unlucky, isn't it? Never understood quite why that is, but as my luck is usually subpar 13 can't possibly rattle me.
Well, Happy (belated) Turkey. I hope you all drifted off into a sweet Tryptophan induced slumber like I did. I suppose it could have been the wine, too.
In honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday I got a U-turn ticket and it's $150 bucks! I put up a little album of four songs for only 2 BUCKS to help pay this beast. That's 4 songs for 2 bucks, what a bargain!

This song is about a girl who just can't ever seem to act right.

Song #13 is called: Hook, Line, & Sinker
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Hey, help a guy out, will ya!? From the little store below you can now purchase any of the songs I have posted so far for a mere $0.99 or buy the month for $2.99 OMG! So cheap!? Yep. Sign up is a snap, too. So don't be afraid of it!!!


Unknown said...

I like this one SO MUCH. Maybe because, like the girl in your song, I'm the kind of girl who can never quite seem to behave... :-)

Well done this week, J.E.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I don't know how many times I've said it, but this song is the best one so far, I think. You've really outdone yourself. I love the kind of reggae/ska rhythm on the guitar. Very nice!

Rage And Love said...

I really like this song. It's very me.

Sorry about the ticket...I just got in a car accident so I feel you (!)

Eve said...

Love the song.

Left Bower said...

So much for unlucky 13, you did a great job. And random trivia: for Italians 13 is a lucky number.

Choc Mint Girl said...

Hey, J! Not bad. :)

Anonymous said...

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