Thursday, December 6, 2007

Song #15

So this one is a bit rough, but I had to post a day early because I am leaving today for some ice cube called Bemidji, Minnesota where I'll be freezing my ass off for four days wondering why anyone would want/choose to live in the snow. Why, you say, are you going there? I'll never tell, I reply.
But I expect them to ply me with liquor that is strong and will keep me warm.
High temperature for Bemidji today...9 degrees!
(I promise photos, and a new mix upon return.)

Some hours of melancholy gave this song.

Song #15 is called: So far, So long, I tried

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Unknown said...

Have fun in Minnesota, babe! I am from there -- Mankato and Minneapolis (fantastic music scene in Minneapolis), although I have called Texas home for over a decade now.

I MISS the snow... And I am so jealous of you right now... can't WAIT to see the pictures when you get back...

Run Around Paris said...

Hey - I saw your link on B's page - very cool blog! Good luck getting your music heard by the masses! ;)

B said...

Wow...9 fucking degrees is pretty cold, especially since you've been living in L.A. But really, even in Portland we think that 30-40 degrees is fucking cold! :)

As "rough" as you might think this song is, I like it. I like the flow and of course, the melancholy! And when I realized you are on song #15 already, that is incredible! I hope you continue to find the experience of posting a song a week as fulfilling and helping you work toward your goal/dream. By any chance, have you read The Alchemist? It is really inspiring for those of us who believe (and even those who struggle but want to believe) a life lived in pursuit of our dreams is the only way to truly be alive.


Unknown said...

Where are you, J.E.? Did you get lost in a Minnesota snow storm? Or perhaps fall through the ice on one of the 10,000 Lakes? Are you being held hostage by terrorist moose?