Friday, December 21, 2007

Song #16

Well, I've had this ready to post up for about a week, but after we got back from Minnesota I got so sick I spent days passing in and out of a feverish delirium, and just now am coming back to the world of the living.
It was -20 degrees in Bemidji (that's 80 degrees colder than LA!). We were there shooting a music video for my girlfriend, most of which was outside. Basically it involved one very large guitar, one town full of werewolves, and the Bemidji choir. It should be really really great! I'll post it here when it's done, but for now just a small slide show.

Song #16 is called: Brown Eyes

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B said...

Love this song. Having brown eyes... I can imagine some of my ex boyfriends feeling this way about me.

I hope you are feeling better. The slideshow is great...looks like a wonderful music video. I hope we can see it here on your blog sometime.

Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

I'm glad Minnesota was good to you, despite the cold. :-)

Merry Christmas J.E.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back from MN. I think Minnesota wasn't good to you, as you came back on your sickbed. I agree with b, I'd love to see the video here, or a link to it.

Rage And Love said...

You're too sweet

I hope you had a fab Christmas!

Love the new song, by the way!

Left Bower said...

Nice song. I like the lyrics on this one alot.