Sunday, January 13, 2008

Song #19

I brought in some live drums on this one. I'm not too good at recording live drums, but it's the best I could deal with it, eh?
This song is called 'Everyday' and when I googled the word 'everyday' this was the first picture to come up. HAHAHA!
The song is about a girl who was much more vicious than this little pooch could probably ever be, especially wearing lingerie.

Song #19 is called: Everyday

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Anonymous said...

I liked this one a lot. I thought the levels were good in general. I actually prefered the live drums.

Rage And Love said...

That's about the cutest dog pictures I've ever seen!

So you're not into the Decemberists? And you know Chris Funk?! Awesome guitarist, that man is!

Great song, by the way.

Unknown said...

hi.. i am new to your blog, i have a lot to say about your song, i have also sent u a mail

Anonymous said...

Where does The Decemberists thing come from? I'm a big Decemberists fan. J., you don't dig on them?

Unknown said...

Liked this one a lot, J.E.

"Every day of the week, it's your day..."

Great lyric, bringing to mind absolutely every narcissist I have ever met (including myself, I am loathe to admit, during one particularly shameful chapter of my life).

Eve said...

Great song . . . I've been humming Norwegian folk songs in my head for weeks now, so it was great to hear a different beat.

Left Bower said...

The drums are good, its a bit different from your normal sound, but its a plus - it doesn't detract from anything else. I like this one.