Sunday, May 11, 2008

May 11

As suspected, I'm still dealing with the whole break-up business. I'm not sure which order of emotions suits you best, but for me it goes like this: shock, sadness, anger...and then a little lingering malaise (or is it apathy? I'm not sure.) I got to feeling tired of always having to get over shit. Seems there is always something else to get over, and wouldn't it just be easier not to let any of it get to you anymore--like you were your own personal army, and you're not going to let anyone thru your defenses this time. Thus sprang this weeks song. If you are offended by people using the word fuck then you shouldn't listen to this song. I think I use it about 30 times. There goes the chance for any radio play on this one. Oh well...

This weeks song is called: i Am an Army

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 2

Well, I guess I can no longer call this One Song Per Week, can I? It's been more like One Song Whenever I Friggin' Feel Like It.
Things have been busy and distracting and stressful around here, but there is nothing like a good break-up to get the old creative sap running again on overload.
So here is the newest one, hot off the proverbial press.

It's called A Parting Gift

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Oh man, I've got a scorcher for next week.